Anne Dillard a 92-year old South Carolina woman has received her fourth college degree and does not seem to be stopping there.

Eight years away from 100 years Dillard earned her associates Degree in Liberal Arts on May 9 at Midlands Technical College. She earned her first degree in 1960, according to ABC 13.

Dillard owns a hair salon but decided to go back to school because she wanted to accomplish other things.

“I’ve known Mrs. Dillard for a number of years, almost since she’s started at the college and I’ve been really, really pleased with her progress,” said Ronald Rhames, the president of Midlands Technical College. “She would be on campus always smiling, always willing to talk with people.”

Her goal to inspire others seems to already be paying off.

“[The youngsters] say they have great inspiration, and they say they’re gonna tell mom and get mom to start school,” said Dillard to CBS’s WLTX 19.

Dillard said she is going to back to school to get a degree in childhood education.

Check out her story below.