In an ongoing hazing investigation, five high school students of the Forney High School soccer boys team were arrested after investigators discovered they had sexually assaulted a classmate for multiple times in 2017.

The victim under the pseudonym “Abel” told investigators how these students attacked him in Forney High School locker rooms or other locker rooms where the team is playing.

“One boy would grab his arms and pull his arms behind his back while the other two boys would grab his legs with one hand and insert their finger or a pen into his butt through his soccer shorts,” a part of the Kaufman County authority’s affidavit reads.

Four of the five students’ identity were not disclosed as they are minor except for 18-year-old senior student Jacob Fisher, who posted a $75,000 bail to be freed from Kaufman County Jail.

On Friday, the Forney Independent School District released the following statement:

The District’s primary concern is for the health and safety of our students. After initially involving the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department in this matter, the District has and will continue to assist with their investigation in any way possible. Further, any student who participated in these hazing activities will be disciplined in accordance with the Forney ISD Student Code of Conduct and Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code. We are providing counseling services for any students, parents, staff members or community members who may be struggling with this situation. We have also partnered with the Kaufman County Children’s Advocacy Center to provide additional support as needed. Because this is an ongoing investigation, the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department has requested that inquiries regarding this situation be addressed to them. We also ask that the privacy of the students, staff and members of the community be respected.

The investigation began after after the Kaufman sheriff received reports of hazing among members of the boy’s soccer team. Meanwhile, Kaufman County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jolie Stewart admitted the investigation could take a while as they are still beginning to scratch the surface of this underlying issue. Stewart also encourages other victims to come forward.

On the other hand, all of the players charged have been removed from the team, according to district officials.

The school is taking steps to increase supervision in the locker room by coaches and hold counseling among students while The Kaufman County Children’s Advocacy Center is also offering help to any possible victims who needs support.