The 2018 ABFF Greenlighters Academy will take place on July 22-25 in Hollywood, CA. The program is an incubator for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities who have an interest in pursuing careers on the corporate side of the film, television and media industries. The Academy provides education on the inner workings of the entertainment industry and will also serve as a pipeline to place these students as interns at major studios and networks, giving them an opportunity to work alongside film and television executives.

The ABFF Greenlighters Academy begins with an intensive boot camp where the students attend sessions with top corporate entertainment executives, agents, department heads, and production company owners. The speakers will describe their career trajectory, conduct “Day in the Life” seminars, headline Power Lunch sessions and engage the students in “Ask Me Anything” roundtable discussions. The students also have the opportunity to visit various Hollywood offices, studio lots and/or set locations which will give them a deeper sense of what it is like to work in the business.

The participating fellows will are eligible for internships at a major studio, network or production company. This will provide the on-site work experience that will empower them to continue working towards their corporate entertainment career. The overall goal is to provide students with the information and industry access to steer their career path toward positions that can “green light” projects, creating more executives in positions to advocate for diversity in the business.


Submissions Open: May 9, 2018
Submissions Close: May 18, 2018