Al Rucker Show with Seven the Poet, Sabir Bey, and Lynn Whitfield

No disaster can shake people who are united.

Picking up right where Hurricane Harvey left off, Al Rucker, Seven, and Carla J share different storm stories they have experienced and witnessed around their neighborhood in this episode of the Al Rucker Show. Together with guests Congressman Al Green, Councilor Amanda Edwards, and Trent Shelton, the gang recounted stories of hope, survival, and unity amid Harvey’s impact that left physical (and emotional) damages to the Houstonians.

Green and Edwards started off by telling the current status of the places under their office. Getting stronger through the healing process, the two officials said they are still open for continuing support for their people. On the other hand, Shelton got his show cancelled in Houston but that did not stop the former athlete from sparing his time to help the Houstonians.

“Texas is about that life, you see just a lot of things … It didn’t matter what race, color, creed, anything that you were. People were right there [helping one another] and I’m inclined that that’s something that would have happened [even after this disaster],” Carla J shared on the the social effects of Hurricane Harvey to Houston.

Al, Seven, and Carla also discussed the usefulness of modern technology, which is social media, in reaching out for people or for fast spreading information throughout the calamity. The three also talked about heroic neighbors who extended their abilities to help their fellows.

Moreover, Al announced the list of important things needed by the victims of Harvey like baby items, food, and personal hygiene. He also reiterated the need for someone willing to lend pickup trucks to help them move stuff and deliver rations easily for the Houstonians in need.

Despite the tragedy, the three did not forget to share some laugh in between topics. Wrapping up the show, Al gave the floor to Seven to share his meaningful poetry with the listeners.


They say that when it rains, it pours and evidently, overwhelming support continues to pour for Texas like how Hurricane Harvey did. Though there have been catastrophic losses of loved ones and properties because of Harvey, the Houstonians proved resilience is the key and tomorrow, they will stand together and be #HoustonStronger.

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