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Al Rucker Show with Carla Ja, Seven the Poet, and Sabir Bey

Movies, society, and everything in between—the world does not fail to surprise us with big (or even tiny) events that always gives an impact to our lives. On today’s episode of the Al Rucker show, our host Al Rucker held a pretty good discussion about the current happenings in the society, with a bonus of entertainment topics from Sabir Bey, Carla J and Seven.

Being the man with many talents, the gang talked about Al’s recent feat as a reporter in HLN. He handled the report on the case of a young lady who is suing the Harris County police officers for sexually harassing her in an arrest operation two years ago. The police officers eventually got away and the young lady continued to get charged with marijuana possession and resisting arrest. As Al digs deeper, he shared what bothered him was the fact that he didn’t know about the issue until HLN brought it to his attention.

“I’m still puzzled that it hadn’t really been brought to the main media here in Houston, I mean I didn’t know anything about it, you know not anything about it and normally we keep our ears to the street,” he said.

Al and the gang went into a more serious mode as they tackled President Donald Trump’s presidency. Mentioning the US President’s straightforward personality, Sabir went on explaining how history is getting altered. Seven also imparted his observation on how true this issue is as children’s history books, according to him, have changed its distributors thus, making some information wrong.

After that, they also talked about the undying issue of black and white conflict in the country. Al, Sabir, and Seven threw in their sentiments regarding being physically and mentally ready in their battles.

The intense exchange of thoughts on politics and oppression ended as the group switched to audience interaction before introducing Sabir’s film. Sharing their wisdom and a bit of a humor to lighten up the mood, the four had a nice wrap up to the show with big anticipation of Sabir’s upcoming movie, Amendment Act.

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