Al Rucker Show with Royce Thomas, Tiana Jones, and Wendi Turner

Al Rucker Show November 11 2016 Episode

Choosing between a scrumptious bacon cheeseburger and a healthy lifestyle could really be tricky—especially if your all-time favorite fast-food chain teases you with an otherworldly gastronomical delight. While dieting remains to be one heck of a challenge for us, the challenge in the fitness field doubles. Fitness gyms and trainers are now scattered both in…

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Al Rucker Show with Jarvis Johnson and Derrick Grace

Having a tattoo is a very instinctive issue in the society. Some  would perceived it as a cool thing, that only strong, brave men and women can afford the pain to go through in the process of wearing it. Others characterized a person that the more tattoos a person had, the less intelligent they were…

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