Al Rucker is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the city of Houston. Rucker is the owner of several businesses, including the largest bail bonds brand in the city, Midtown Bail Bonds, as well as the owner of Dolce Ultra Lounge and Bistro, Dolce Catering, and Rucker Advertising. His most recent business venture is Hattitude, a men’s clothing and accessory store. Rucker is a respected author as well as a host of The Al Rucker Shown’ on Amazing 102.5 FM, which is currently syndicated in over 20 markets nationwide. The role he is most proud of is being a husband and father.

Al’s entree into radio was through a short talk segment on KCOH to promote his Houston businesses. The Program Director at the station called him, noticing a considerable bump in the ratings; people were phoning the station because they couldn’t get enough of the show.

A year into hosting his show at KCOH, he transitioned to Amazing 102.5 FM, where The Al Rucker Show,” a two-hour weekend show, was established and quickly rose in ratings. Due to the expansion of listeners and high consumer demand, in January 2019, it will expand to a syndicated, 5-day a week national program.

As host and producer of “The Al Rucker Show,” Al strives to deliver the real stories of the day with industry experts and celebrity guests, with the goal of informing and entertaining the community.

“I try to impact and empower our listeners, as well as the kids in our community by promoting education and delivering the news in a fun, yet instructive way,”

Near and dear to his heart is 1-he Al Rucker Foundation’, which began in 21015 for the purpose of providing educational opportunities to underprivileged youth living in the Houston metropolitan area_ In keeping their motto, the Foundation aims to give the youth an opportunity to succeed, despite one’s upbringing, environmental challenges or circumstances. Everyone should be able to reach their full potential with the tools, resources, and access to educational opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Al Rucker was homeless at 16 years old but was ranked #6 in the country for track & field. His High School track and basketball coaches helped shape him during this time, keeping him focused on education and sports. He was recruited and went on to attend Florida State University on a sports scholarship, an opportunity that changed his life.

‘The AI Rucker Show’ embodies and shares some of the advice he received from his High School Coaches…”Always believe in yourself; never give up; always thrive for the best; and prepare and live like today is the last day of your life.”